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50 million online records including statutory records of Births, Deaths & Marriges in Scotland 1855-1960, Old Parish Registers 1553 - 1854 and the 1841 - 1911 Censuses.   Cost:- £6.00 for 30 'Page Credits'.
General Register Office for Scotland is the main source of family history records in Scotland.               Cost:- starting at £ 17.00 per day.


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General Register Office for Scotland

The Scottish Genealogy Society

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Elwood Union Free School District

The following links were suggested by Mrs. Murphy's Class at Elwood Union Free School District N.Y. who were researching Scottish history & genealogy as part of a history project.

History of Scotland

Scottish Language

Scottish Traditions


Local History Sites

History and images of Govan in Glasgow



Other Peoples trees

Marshal -Ewart Family (1)

Marshal -Ewart Family (2)

Marshal -Ewart Family (3)

Brodie Lineage

McCabe Clan Australia  

  Patrick's People

Calling Descendants of FELIX SMITH & MARGARET McCABE


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