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Hugh Quigley 1883-1955

Name: Hugh Quigley
Sex: Male.
Birth: 29th Sep 1883 at 54 Windsor Street in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Death: 29th Oct 1955 in Possilpark, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Father: Father James Quigley (1851-1923)
Mother: Mother Ellen Furrey (1854-1938)
Marriage(s): Spouse Rosina McBride  On 26th Sep 1903 at St Anthony's R.C Chapel in Govan.
  Spouse Annie Mullin  On 18th Aug 1914 at St Margaret's R.C Chapel in Glasgow.
  Spouse Rose Jordan  in Glasgow.
Occupation(s): Hammerboy, Hammerman, Electrical Engineers Labourer, Iron Forge Furnaceman,
  Dock Labourer, Army Driver, Marine Fisherman & Ships Stoker.
Residence(s): 54 Windsor Street, Govan. 132, 46 & 146 Harmony Row, Govan. 1 Marr Street, Govan.
  16 James Place, Govan. 25 Logie Street, Govan. 10 Ingram Street, Govan.
73 & 75 Blackburn Street, Govan. 10 Crossloan Road, Govan. 28 Holme Street, Govan.
91 McLean Street, Govan. 61 Craigiehall Street, Govan. 13 Sawmillfield Rd, Maryhill.

Photograph of Hugh QuigleyHugh Quigley c1915

Child(ren): of Hugh Quigley & Rosina McBride
child James-Christopher Quigley born 25th December 1904 at 16 James Place, Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
child Rosina Quigley born 27th February 1907 at 75 Blackburn Street in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Child Catherine Quigley born 18th December 1908 at 146 Harmony Row in Govan. Death 8th December 1918 in Govan, Glasgow, Scotland.
Child(ren): of Hugh Quigley & Annie Mullin
Child Annie Quigley born 10th September 1914 at 136 Blackburn Street in Govan. Death 2nd April 1920 in Glasgow, Scotland.
Child(ren): of Hugh Quigley & Rose Jordan
child John Jordan Quigley born 27th September 1934 at Maternity Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.
child Patricia Quigley born 26th January 1937 at Maternity Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.


Military Record 1915-19
Theatre of War: France - British Expeditionary Forces - 20 Nov 1915
1915-1918: Royal Field Artillery - Regtl. No: 96527 - Rank: Driver (9th Divisional Ammunition Column)
1918-1919: Labour Corps - Regtl. No: 580865 - Rank: Driver (891 Area Employment Company)
Wounded: 21 Mar 1918 Mild Gunshot wound to face taken to hospital in Le Treport then Havre
Demoblisation: 18 Apr 1919, Demobilised with Class 5 Pension. Disability: Gunshot Wound to Face and Neurasthenia (shell shock)
Awarded: Victory Medal, British War Medal and 1914-15 Star


  • Hugh stayed at 1 Marr Street, Govan at time of first marriage in 1903, witnesses where Thomas McGuinness and Jessie Doyle.
  • Hugh stayed at 91 McLean Street, Govan at time of second marriage in 1914, witnesses where Hugh Kerr and Margaret Mullin.
  • On the 13th May 1910 Hugh applies to Govan Poorhouse for medical relief for wife Rosina and on the 17th May 1910 this application was refused, Hugh appeals this refusal which is overturned by the Sheriff-substitute of Lanarkshire and Rosina is admitted to Govan Poorhouse for medical relief, however on the 21st July 1910 Rosina unforunately dies in Govan Poorhouse. (Govan Poorhouse later became the Southern General Hospital at the start of the formation of the NHS, the original buildings still stands today).
  • (See Poor Relief Documents)

Govan Poorhouse

Govan Combination Poorhouse


  • In Dec 1920 Hugh is Ship Stoker onboard SS Nortonian at Vercruz in Mexico the ship belonged to the Leyland Steamship Company.

SS Nortonian

SS Nortonian

  • Hugh is on the 1891 and 1901 Censuses for Govan, Lanarkshire.
  • Daughter Catherine Quigley died at the Sheildhall Fever Hospital, Govan, Usual Residence: 50 Hamilton Street, Govan. COD: Sceptic wound of scalp: Facial Erysipelas. Informant: Annie Quigley (Step-mother).
  • Daughter Annie Quigley died at the Children's Hospital, Glasgow,Usual Residence: 61 Craigiehall Street, Govan. COD: Severe burns of face & body. Death certified accident by Procurator-Fiscal on 01 May 1920 1920. Informant: Annie Quigley (mother).
  • In 1912 The Burgh of Govan was annexed to Glasgow.
  • Ingram Street was renamed to Wick Street and Holme Street was renamed to Wanlock Street sometime in the 1930's.     More details



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