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Bridget Quigley c1860

Name: Bridget Quigley
Sex: Female.
Birth: 1858-1867 in County Monaghan, Ireland.
Death: unknown
Father: Father John Quigley (1816)
Mother: Mother Ellen Ward (1825)
Marriage(s): Spouse Charles Shannon   On 4th June 1895 at St Anthony's Catholic Chapel in Govan.
Occupation(s): Butter and Egg Saleswoman and Shopkeeper.

50 Harmony Row, Govan. (1881 Census), 23 Thomson Street, Govan. (1891 Census & 1895 SRM), 20 Harmony Row, Govan. (1901 Census)




I am unsure of the year of Bridget's birth, it could be between 1858-1867, at the time of her marriage in 1895 her age is recorded as 29 this would make Bridget born c1866, however according to the census of 1881, 1891 and 1901 she would have been born c1858, c1864 and c1867.

I can find no entries for the birth of Bridget, as the recording of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Ireland of catholics did not begin until 1864, a further search for Bridget in the surviving catholic parish records in County Monaghan prior to 1864 also returned no positive results.

Bridget stayed 23 Thomson Street, Govan at time of Marriage in 1895, witnesses where Catherine Quigley and John Quigley.

A Cathrine Ann Quigley aged 19 is recorded on the 1891 census living with the Lynagh family and Bridget.

A Catherine Ann Mochan married a Patrick Quigley in Govan in 1895, her usual residence was 23 Thomson Street, Govan. (The Lynagh family lived there at the time)



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