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Transcripts of Census Records for People on this Site
Street/Road Name Name Relation to Head Marrried Sex Age Occupation Where Born
1871 Census for Lochnell Street, Glassary, Argyll, Scotland. (Duncan Crawford and family)
Lochnell Street Duncan Crawford Head Yes Male 60 Fisherman Glassary, Argyll
  Katrine Crawford Wife Yes Female 58 Fisherman's wife Glassary, Argyll
  Alexander Crawford Son   Male 17 Fisherman Glassary, Argyll
  Duncan Crawford Son   Male 16 Fisherman Glassary, Argyll
  Donald Crawford Grandson   Male 2   Greenock, Renfrewshire
FHL Film No.   GRO Vol. 526 EnumDist 1 Page 12/13      
1871 Census for 99 Naburn Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanarkshire (John and Barbara Maxwell and family)
99 Naburn Street John Maxwell Head Yes Male 26 Joiner Doune, Perthshire
  Barbara Maxwell Wife Yes Female 24   Milnathort, Orwell, Kinross
  John Maxwell Son   Male 2   Milnathort, Orwell, Kinross
  Robert Maxwell Son   Male 4 mths   Glasgow, lanarkshire
FHL Film No.   GRO Vol. 644-10 EnumDist 11 Page 15      
1871 Census for Kirk Road, Milnathort, Orwell, Kinrossshire (Robert and Janet Patterson and family)
Kirk Road Robert Patterson Head Yes Male 56 Worker Weaver Orwell, Kinrossshire
  Janet Patterson Wife Yes Female 56   Orwell, Kinrossshire
  Andrew Patterson Son   Male 16 Green Apprentice Orwell, Kinrossshire
FHL Film No.   GRO Vol. 463 EnumDist 1 Page 31      
1871 Census for 7 Sister Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland. (Andrew and Elizabeth Brodie and family)
7 Sister Street Andrew Brodie Head Yes Male 40 Woollen Weaver Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  Elizabeth Brodie Wife Yes Female 38   Kilwinning, Ayrshire
  Elizabeth Brodie Daughter   Female 15   Kilwinning, Ayrshire
  Margaret Brodie Daughter   Female 13   Kilwinning, Ayrshire
  Andrew Brodie Son   Male 11 Scholar Kilwinning, Ayrshire
  Mary Brodie Daughter   Female 7   Glasgow, Lanarkshire
  William Brodie Son   Male 2   Glasgow, Lanarkshire
FHL Film No.   GRO Vol. 644/3 EnumDist 28 Page 07      
1871 Census for 21 Church Street, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, Scotland. (James and Agnes Brodie and family)
21 Church Street James Brodie Head Yes Male 46 Labourer Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  Agnes Barr Wife Yes Female 47   Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  Janet Brodie Daughter   Female 18 Wool Weaver Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  Margaret Brodie Daughter   Female 16 Paper Maker Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  Agnes Brodie Daughter   Female 15 Wool Weaver Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  Jennie Brodie Daughter   Female 13 Paper Maker Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  Mary Brodie Daughter   Female 7 Scholar Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  James Brodie Son   Male 3   Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  Marion Brodie Grandaughter   Female 3 mths   Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
FHL Film No.   GRO Vol. 568 EnumDist 1 Page 04      
1871 Census for 12 Craigmark, Dalmellington, Ayrshire, Scotland. (William and Grace Brodie and family)
12 Craigmark William Brodie Head Yes Male 49 Ironstone Miner Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
  Grace Brodie Wife Yes Female 43   Leadhills, Lanarkshire
  Grace Brodie Daughter   Female 14 Scholar New Cumnock, Ayrshire
  Robert Brodie Son   Male 10 Scholar Dalmellington, Renfrewshire
  John Brodie Son   Male 7 Scholar Dalmellington, Renfrewshire
  William Brodie Son   Male 5   Dalmellington, Renfrewshire
  Thomas Brodie Son   Male 2   Dalmellington, Renfrewshire
FHL Film No.   GRO Vol. 568 EnumDist 3 Page 08      
1871 Census for 65 Bell Street, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland. (Samuel and Marion Curren and family)
65 Bell Street Samuel Curren Head Yes Male 45 Coal Miner Ireland
  Marion Curren Wife Yes Female 41   Airdrie, Lanark
  Janet Curren Daughter   Female 21 Cotton Mill Weaver Airdrie, Lanark
  John Curren Son   Male 19 Coal Miner Airdrie, Lanark
  Edward Curren Son   Male 17 Coal Miner Airdrie, Lanark
  Margaret Curren Daughter   Female 8 Scholar Airdrie, Lanark
  Marion Curren Daughter   Female 6 Scholar Airdrie, Lanark
FHL Film No.   GRO Vol. 651/1 EnumDist 9 Page 26      
1871 Census for 16 Clark Street, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland. (Samuel and Christina Curren and family)
16 Clark Street Jean S Leishman Head   Female 43 Washerwoman Clerkton, Lanarkshire
  Samuel Curren Son-in-law   Male 23 Coal Miner Airdrie, Lanark
  Christina Curren Daughter   Female 21 Coal wife Airdrie, Lanark
  Samuel Curren Grandson   Male 7 mths   Airdrie, Lanark
FHL Film No.   GRO Vol. 651/1 EnumDist 5 Page 13      
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